Business math and statistical measures

Business math and statistical measures

Your Assignment is to write an essay discussing the financing of a new car for your business.

The price of the used car is $21,000. Sales tax on this car is 9.5% of the price of the vehicle. You intend to finance the entire cost of the car and sales tax, less a down payment of $2,500. You intend to finance the car for 48 months and your car payment will be $471.99 per month.

Your essay should in include the following information

1. Calculate and discuss the amount financed, the installment price of the new car, and the finance charges you will pay over the life of the loan.

2. Compare and contrast the advantage of paying cash and financing the vehicle over a shorter period of time, as well as, the impact of finding lower interest rates.

3. Research and discuss the advantages of having good credit versus poor credit when qualifying for a loan. Discuss the implications of your credit score on the interest rates you may qualify for.

Your essay should be complete and cover each point as outlined above. Be sure to include at least one text citation.

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