How did American Slavery change over time and place

How did American Slavery change over time and place

Type your paper Type in Times New Roman font Type in size 12 font Double space your paper Have a separate Works Cited page that follows MLA format that does NOT count as one of the required pages for your paper Have at least one required source be from an online Google Scholars article or an online journal AND at least one source be from a book that is NOT your textbook Have at least 2 drafts of your paper, both checked by a faculty member of the Writing Center that shows their comments and their signature with a date

By the end of the year you MUST have completed at least one topic marked as an expository essay. For the Honor’s class, you additionally must have completed at least one topic marked with an asterisk (*).

Each trimester will have different requirements for length and sources that you must follow. There will be benchmark deadlines for each trimester’s paper that you must follow. Late work will not be tolerated. Any late work must be submitted by the next class period only and will automatically only be able to earn half credit at most.

Your grade on your paper will be based on the following:

Factual content (correct facts and information) -30% Required content (answering the question/s in detail) – 30% Meeting the requirements (proper sources, number of drafts, Writing Center, length, etc.) -20% Conventions (ex: spelling, grammar, font, spacing, size) -10% Deadlines (met all the required deadlines for the trimester) -10%

Trimester 2 Topics:

Who really won the Civil War? Was the Civil War inevitable? To what extent did slavery cause the Civil War? Were most Southerners in favor of succession? Provide details. Were free blacks really free? Was abolitionism confined to the North? How successful was the Underground Railroad? To what extent did free African-Americans exist in the colonies or states prior to Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation? How did American slavery change over time and place? (Expository)

  • Discuss the role immigration and urban population growth from 1900-1920 had on the Industrial Revolution. How did it impact the demographics of political party politics from 1910-1930? (Expository) Did politics kill the Treaty of Versailles that ended World War I? How?

For this trimester, your paper should be 7 full pages with at least 4 reliable sources, and meet all the criteria listed on the first page.

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