The Central Limit

The Central Limit

Write a minimum of 500 words (i.e. 2 pages double spaced not counting a title page, graphics or works cited page).  You must have a minimum of 3 APA formatted citations (cited within the essay) and included on a works cited page.

In your essay please address these questions:

  1. What does the Central Limit Theorem have to do with Normal Distributions?
  2. What does the Central Limit Theorem tell us about non-normal distributions like Exponential, Lognormal, Gamma etc…?
  3. Why is the Central Limit Theorem important to Discrete Event Simulations?
  4. Where in ARENA’s Category Overview Report do we see the influence of the Central Limit Theorem?

Please include a Title Page, Works Cited Page and 500 words minimum.  Feel free to use graphics to illustrate the topics, APA formatted only.  Please review the rubric to learn more about what is expected in this paper.


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