Action plane

Action plane
Through reflection as a group we have established that the main problems we encountered were:
*All days busy( training in hospital – time of study )
*There is no time to commitment to group meetings
*some Difficulty of some references
For some of the group they found that being on course placement made it difficult to manage their workload, for others who had better time management skills this was not so much problematic. A valuable lesson was learnt for those who did not contribute as much as others which was that in order for a group to be a success then each individual must do their share. In future this will better managed and more commitment will be made.
Our group succeeded to attended meetings which supported the group to did our best, they were able to share and discuss tasks, share ideas and work collaboratively as a group throughout the assignment. It has been established that having fully attended meetings with agendas is necessary for group tasks to be a success.

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