Challenges of Cyber Security

TOPIC: Cyber Security
NARROWED TOPIC: Challenges of Cyber Security
THESIS: While It helps to protect us, businesses and their customers from someone falsely representing something as beneficial to them or to infiltrate our systems, it is in great need to be expanded on in order to safeguard us, and to create a safer environment protecting companies and our personal information and data, but it can and does fail to provide us complete security.
TITLE: Protecting the Homefront
Protecting the Homefront
How to Choose a Safe Password
Who is Key to Secure Passwords
The significance of Two-Factor verification
What Is Malware?
How to Get Malware on your Computer?
Ways to Avoid Identity Theft Online
Ways to Protect Yourself from Cyber stalkers
Data Breaches
Are Data Breaches Going Away
Vigilance Defense against Data Breach
Safe Computing
Significance of General Software Updates as well as Patches
Meaning of Man in the Middle Attack?

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