Decision making and action plan for an organization

Capstone Project: Part IV – Board Room Power Point Presentation – “You’ve been working hard and have gained a lot of insight into your new role as CEO during your first 90 days on the job. During that time, you’ve developed your decision making and action plan (Project Parts I, II, and III) to take the organization forward. In doing so, you’ve taken a close look at the internal and external competitive environments, examined the financials, and determined what’s needed to accomplish your plan and what the payback should look like. You’ve also looked at the current people and structures in light of what may be needed to execute your strategy. Now, there’s just one thing left to do – convince the Board to give you the go-ahead. This week you make your pitch! As you prepare your “pitch” you want to ensure you fully understand the context so you seek counsel from your Chair. Your Chair has shared: Your previous Executive Briefs (decision making and action plan) will be updated for you and a bound copy will be placed before each board member for their reference during your upcoming presentation. The Chair wants you to be consistent with your previous work by clearly stating the vision and explaining the “game winning move”/disruptive innovation in your first moments of your presentation. Context is critical and you do not want your board members wondering what may have changed, if anything, since your last communication. Since your board members know you well at this point, there is no reason to introduce yourself or your past experience. Simply welcome them to the meeting and then start. The Board has a very busy agenda. Given that you have had ongoing discussion with the board and they have your final “Plan” (updated decision making and action plan) in front of them, you are to keep your “pitch” to no more than 5 minutes. In real life, after your pitch, your board members would have plenty of time for questions and answers specific to what you have shared and to what is documented in your updated Executive Briefs.”

note: you can use WALMART as the Organization

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