Individual: Decision Table Due Aug 06, 11:59 PM Not Submitted POINTS 12 Paper Objectives: 4.1 4.2 Instructions Assignment Files Grading Phoenix Hotel and Resorts offers hotel rooms in three categories: standard, villa, and desert view. Review the following scenario: The base price is for a standard hotel room There is a 10% surcharge for the villa and a 20% surcharge for desert view The final price includes a 15% discount for returning customers In addition, the room rate varies according to the season. A 25% surcharge is applied between December and February A 10% deduction is applied in July and August Develop a 1-page decision table for Phoenix Hotel and Resorts’ pricing structure. Create a 1-page structured English for Phoenix Hotel and Resorts’ pricing structure. Translate the structured English into a 90- to 175-word summary using Microsoft┬« Word. Draw a 1-page context-level data flow diagram for this problem using Visio┬«, or any other freeware drawing software you wish to use. Submit your assignment using the Assignment Files tab.

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