HIST 1302 Course Final Attached Files:Attached Files: File HIST 1302 Course Final (Summer 2017).pdf (406.302 KB) File HIST 1302 Course Final (Summer 2017).pdf (406.302 KB) Please click the above .pdf document for your HIST 1302 Course Final. You will find the documents you will need to analyze within this file or be provided the page numbers where you can locate them in Reading the American Past (your Documents Reader for this semester’s PDA assignments). For this Course Final, you will be expected to:

1. Follow the formatting requirements of your previous PDA assignments (margins, font, font size, double spaced, etc). You do not have to tie the four questions together into a cohesive narrative, just answer each of the questions individually. You will submit this Course Final as a single paper with your individual responses to the four questions separated within it, either by numbers (1., 2., 3., and 4.), page breaks, or both.

2. Ensure that your responses to the (4) four required questions are a MINIMUM length of ONE FULL PAGE per question for a total submission length of at least 4 full pages.

3. Use evidence provided by the documents as well as your knowledge gained throughout this course to support your arguments.

Please remember that as a Course Final worth 250 points, my expectations will be significantly higher than they were for this semester’s PDA assignments which were designed to build your skills at critically interpreting primary documents. This is your opportunity to demonstrate those Student Learning Outcomes listed in the syllabus. Consequently, simply meeting the minimum length requirements is not going to lead to you receiving full credit.

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