Discussion Question

•Globalization and the freedom of trade existed before all the boarders and international boundaries were set up and trade regulations put in place. Based on the information in Chapter 3 of the textbook, provide your opinion as to whether you believe that territorialization and international boundaries are based on fear of invasion or a tactic to protect a country’s own economy. Provide a rationale for your response.

•Tom Friedman (2005), states that “Globalization” is a wonderful and natural process to which people need to adjust. To some critics, it is a dangerous pattern that needs to be resisted through public authority. And to others, it is a process that is not natural at all, but encouraged by public policy that serves some interests at the expense of others. According to Henry Kissinger (1999) “globalization is really another name for the dominant role of the United States.” Agree or disagree with Kissinger’s statement and provide evidence from the textbook that supports your view. Justify your response. •The Global Closet Calculator is a two-part interactive game that introduces the concepts of interdependence and globalization.  Discuss how your map of interdependence compared to everyone else’s. Next, identify the badges you received from the second part of the game, and provide your opinion as to whether or not you agree or disagree with those badges.

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