Guided Response

Data Collection Strategies:

During my research I found myself using several forms of data. I used observation, hands-on and one-on-one this allowed me to meet the needs of the children that were participants in the research.

Observation will provide information on how the children are doing and feel about the technology we are using. With the working one-on-one will allow the children to ask questions and feel free to talk to me as well as their peers doing the time we are working on the technology equipment? Hands-on will also allow me to get information on what need to be added and what not need to be added. I have also been doing a little of visual data where I sit back and watch and see how the children interact with one another as I give them the opportunity to work together it allow me to see what they have learn from what I have introduced to them through the technology.

Outcome Analysis:

Present your conclusions of your data analysis. Explain the specific strategies that were successful, which strategies did not work as well as was anticipated? Additionally, explain how the strategies support the research questions

My research involved a visual data, one-on-one, hands-on, and observation it is hard to see what is the right tool to use to get the correct information you need to see if what you see is working for you as well as the children in order to have effective action research. I observed a failed strategy through observation when I see someone else log in for the child but when I there the child do all by herself. Since that indent my observations has been on point and very helpful to my research and the children understand what I am teaching them. I realized when researching sometime you have to look at yourself to see how many times it took for you to understand. The tools that work best for me in my action research visual and observation because it allowed met to gather the most concrete information. I found out by using observations it provided me with detail information on how the children learn from what I was teaching them.

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