Learning or Cognitive Personality Theories Podcast

Skinner was approved by Professor Lundstrom, so, Here is your parts. Each person does about 225-300 words for a transcript, I believe it will be enough for the 5-10 minutes recording for the assignment. Please add your references, follow the rubric for qualifications.

My part of team assignment: Outline the strengths and limitations of Skinner.

Listed below is the full overview of the assignment requirement for the team.

Your instructor will assign each team a learning or cognitive personality theory. Imagine you are creating a lesson on your specific theory and you need to provide a supplemental audio file to support your lesson. Record a 5- to 10-minute informational podcast on your assigned theory, including the following: Describe the main tenets of the theory and how they affect behavior. Provide an example of a situation that demonstrates the relationship between the theory and the behavior. Explain the example situation according to a different learning or cognitive theory, and explain how this differs from the assigned theory. Outline the strengths and limitations of the assigned theory. Submit a transcript of your podcast and a reference page, along with the audio file. Include a minimum of two to three peer-reviewed sources. Format your reference page consistent with APA guidelines.

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