Modern Uses of Theories Paper

Please follow instructions below along with the grading rubric I have attached.

I thought you might like an opportunity to research and learn more about your favorite theorists. This week it’s an exploration of how the theories we studied in this class are used today. Carl Jung and B.F. Skinner are the theorists that have been chosen.

Prepare a 1,200- to 1,700-word paper in which you discuss how your chosen theorists’ concepts are used today: Describe the strengths and limitations of the theories Carl Jung and B.F Skinner Discuss how workplace, school or clinical settings make use of the theories you chose. NOTE: You may discuss more than one setting or choose only one to cover in your paper. This is a discussion, in general, how the theories you chose are used today. Give an example of a specific setting using both the theories you selected. For instance, can you find a company that uses information about employee’s birth order for management (Adler)? NOTE: This requirement is for you to be specific about one particular organization that uses the theories you choose. You may also select a school or clinic. For instance, I know Elaine Flannagan, MS, MEd, LPC, who practices in Tucson, is a Jungian therapist. You could even call and interview a company representative or clinician for more information. You can learn how to cite a personal communication in APA Style. Please don’t hesitate to ask question about citing these types of sources. Describe how people today have adapted the theories to meet modern requirements. Use the vocabulary of the theoretical approaches you choose to answer these questions.

Use APA Style for this paper. IMPORTANT – Cite the sources of information you include in your paper even of those sources are from an interview.

Include at least three peer reviewed references to support your ideas. One of which may be your textbook: Feist, J., Feist, G.J. and Roberts, T. (2013). Theories of Personalities (8th ed.). New York: McGraw Hill.

Include a reference page with a minimum of three peer-reviewed sources. Format your paper according to APA guidelines.

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