Organizational Behavior

Uhl-Bien, M., Schermerhorn, J. R., & Osborn, R. N. (2016)

Organizational Behavior, 13 Ed. Wiley.

ISBN: 9781118517376 Read

Chapter 6 Chapter 9 W4 Video “Dan Pink on Motivation (TEDtalks)” Click the link below to access this video.


Be prepared to summarize this video this week’s discussion forum. WEEK 4 DISCUSSION #1

Provide your personal summary on the video The Puzzle of Motivation.


What were your primary takeaways from this video based upon your perception? Was there anything that you disagreed with in the video based upon your professional experience? Please provide 1-2 examples to support your viewpoints that other learners will be able to assess and debate within our weekly discussion forum.

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