Personhood Amendment

You are required to write a 5- to 7-page research paper exhibiting your proficiency with all of the skills and topics covered in this course. For this assignment, you will examine the issue of whether states should require doctors, as a matter of informed consent, to provide “4-d” ultrasounds to all patients considering elective abortions before such abortions can be performed. Because these ultrasounds offer a view of the live fetus in motion (i.e. a view of its “personhood”), bills requiring them and similar procedures are often known as “personhood” amendments. In order for you to address this topic adequately, you must objectively consider opposing viewpoints on this issue. Please also discuss how biblical principles may be brought to bear in the debate over abortion, informed consent and fetal personhood. This paper is a cumulative exercise in that you must employ all of the research, objective reasoning, logic, organization, composition, formatting and rhetorical skills covered in this class. Appropriate research sources for this assignment include, but are not limited to, academic and legal journal articles, court opinions and commentary. Please follow Turabian Author-Date style for this research paper.

-Write a 5- to 7-page research paper -Include a clear thesis in your opening paragraph and return to that thesis in your concluding paragraph. The thesis must directly address the research question. -Maintain an objective voice, with no first or second person perspective and no opinionated language. -Examine opposing sides, basing your conclusion on the evidence gathered in this examination. -Proofread your paper carefully (get some help with this, if needed) -Follow Author-Date formatting for title page, body text, citations, and Reference list style.

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