Assignment Guidelines

  • Research your local community and state emergency preparedness plans, and prepare an assessment paper that addresses the following questions in 1,000 words:
    • What are your community’s current goals? Explain.
    • What are your community’s current capabilities? Explain.
      • Consider the following:
        • Equipment
        • Manpower
        • Training
        • Funding
        • Land area
        • Geographic challenges
    • What strategies should be implemented at the local level to enhance civil preparedness? Explain.
    • Who will grant authority to the various agencies and departments responsible for providing emergency facilities and mitigation of an all-hazards event such as a major fire, earthquake, or terrorist attack? Explain.
    • What public information policies exist (or should exist)?
      • Consider communication to news media outlets to assure accurate public information and to minimize rumors.
  • Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

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