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Lecture Notes The Workspace and Get Started with Project Created by Daniel Le Revised by Daniel Le 08/02/2016

Learning objectives 1. Take a quick tour of the project workspace 2. Enter task names, duration, and start and finish values. 3. Link tasks to create task dependencies between them (predecessors) 4. Learn task mode and how to add holidays to the project calendar for planning days off.

Overview “Microsoft Project 2013 Tutorial – The Workspace” and “Office 15-Minute Webinar: Get Started with Project” are the first two (2) videos to be covered in this course for learning Microsoft project software. Please watch and follow instructions in these two videos to get familiar with Microsoft Project software and to do some practices. There are five lectures scheduled for students to learn and practice the Microsoft Project software and the Microsoft Project practice work will account for 3.75% (0.75% for each practice) of your total points possible for the course. As you know, one part of your Individual Project requirements is to create a project plan that requires the Microsoft Project software so what you learn in these videos will eventually help you do well in your project.


To Do List • Open a “blank” project file and save it as “01.MSP.2013.mpp” • Follow step-by-step instructions in the video “Office 15-Minute Webinar: Get Started with Project” to modify and then save the project file “01.MSP.2013.mpp” • Submit the “01.MSP.2013.mpp” project file in the Microsoft Project folder for credit.

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