Counseling clients dealing with particular issue

When counseling those who have expressed same-sex attraction, we need to be careful to avoid the worldview lens of diversity, which is all love and no truth (Garzon, 2010a). Another approach though is one that Christians especially need to exercise caution in how they express themselves, which is all truth, and no love (Garzon, 2010a). Instead, Christians, in particular, Christian Counselors need to be able to balance the truth and love approach as they look at the world through an integrity lens, which is not a gay-affirmative approach, but instead a client affirmative approach (Garzon, 2010a; Garzon 2016). Though the APA and even the ACA may encourage us as counselors to have a strong gay affirmative stance in our counseling approach, through the approach of love and truth together, we can instead be able to be of assistance and a redemptive hope for clients who experience same-sex attraction (Garzon, 2010c; Garzon, 2010d). There are four key biblical themes to keep in mind when counseling those with same-sex attraction, which are grace, mercy, love, and truth. Love, of course, being the utmost important thing to remember when dealing with our clients or anyone, as seen in 1 Corinthians 13:13b, “But the greatest of these is love (NIV).”

If I had a chance I would ask Wendy to touch more on the thought of a predisposition for homosexuality, especially as seen through the disability lenses that Dr. Mark Yarhouse spoke of (Garzon, 2016). In particular, I would ask her to expand on she feels that in light of our brokenness, and generational sin that was spoke of, does she feel that it is indeed possible, that because of this generational sin, our sin nature, and other factors, that possible future studies will attribute homosexuality as a genetic predisposition, which has not been supported as of yet (Garzon, 2010a). I would also to hear more about how she view same-sex attraction as an issue just like any heterosexual issues, and what she would suggest in taking this approach in counseling clients dealing with that particular issue (Garzon, 2010c).

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