Describe the findings of analysis and evaluation.

As you complete this assignment, also consider assumptions, assertions, and inferences made by the author and yourself in relation to each of the content specific research components within your discipline.

Review two journal articles (one qualitative and one quantitative) from the below five:

Ferreira, A. A., & Kuniyoshi, M. S., (2015). Critical factors in the implementation process of integrated management systems. Journal of Information Systems & Technology Management, 12(1), 145-164.

Mas, N., & Valentini, G., (2015). Technology complexity and target selection: The case of US hospital mergers. Industrial & Corporate Change, 24(2), 511-537.

Mattarelli, E., Bertolotti, F., & Macri, D. M., (2013). The use of ethnography and grounded theory in the development of a management information system. European Journal of Information Systems, 22(1), 26-44.

Padilla, R. S., Milton, S. K., & Johnson, L. W., (2015). Components of service value in business-to-business Cloud computing. Journal of Cloud Computing, 4(15), n/a.

Schon, E. M., Escalona, M. J., & Thomaschewski, J., (2015). Agile values and their implementation in practice. International Journal of Interactive Multimedia & Artificial Intelligence, 3(5), 61-66.

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper analyzing and evaluating both the connection and alignment among the introduction, literature review, and methodology included in the content articles provided in class.

Consider the following questions as you complete your critical analysis and evaluation of the journal articles you selected:

How are the problem statement, purpose statement, research question(s), and hypothesis(es) aligned, and how are they supported by the literature review?

How does the research presented in the literature review support the theoretical conceptual framework in the introduction?

How does the research in the literature review support the methodology section, including research design, population, sampling, and sample size?

How did the author demonstrate synthesis in the literature review?

Describe the findings of your analysis and evaluation.

Explain the steps you took to analyze and evaluate the research components of the introduction, literature review, and methodology. What insight have you gained from this process that will help you to develop these sections of your dissertation?

Format your paper according to APA guidelines.

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