Identify strengths and weaknesses as a role model

The ability to create a sense of shared vision and common goals is essential to success in any organization. Leaders who focus on setting an example and who focus upon building integrity and credibility are able to gain the trust and support of others. Leadership is, after all, a relationship that is established between those who lead and those who follow. Such relationships must be built upon a solid foundation that can withstand conflict and challenges. Leaders must model the way for others. Please respond to the following points in your initial post: • Consider your own individual experiences. Who are your role models? • Select one role model from your professional experience and one role model from your personal experience. What do these two people have in common? What traits and characteristics do they share? • How do these role models “model the way” for other people? What do you learn from these role models? • Consider your own individual traits and characteristics. Do you consider yourself to be a role model for others? Explain why or why not. • Identify your own strengths and weaknesses as a role model. How can you become a better role model? Cite your source(s) using APA format and list all URLs.

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