Workforce Management and Workforce Development

Workforce Management and Workforce Development For this assignment, case study Motorola :How does HR at Motorola go about developing an HR strategy that is so aligned to the business? Use this case study to complete the following: Review the key points of the case study. Relate the case study to your organization. How does it fit with your organization’s current situation? Identify the workforce management strategies and workforce development strategies at work in your chosen case study. You may wish to refer to the Workforce Management and the Workforce Development Practices Lists, included in the Resources. Answer the following questions: What is the difference between a basic practice, best practice, and best fit? What is the role of “fit” in the case study, and how does it compare to how “fit” is achieved at your organization? Would the approach used in the case study apply to your organization? Why or why not? What would you recommend as a best fit solution for your organization?

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