Genesis has bentaeted a manufacturer, Fitness Prernd, which produces a range of prdmdtibnal items fer gyms and ?tness eenlres. Genesis has decided td order some medium-sized light weight spurts bags, mstbmised with the Genesis Inge. Fitness PI’?I’I‘ID’B GGEIE are 35 f?ll?w?: Spdrt Bag $5.15Iunit Gustbm Printing .Bbrunit Packaging .1 drunit Set up and admin bests $E,??l} a] if Fitness Frame sells the bags in Genesis idr $12313 each, new many bags will Fitness Frame need to sell to break even“? b] How many bags would Genesis need to drder if Fitness Frame wanted to earn a prefit pf seeded on this irenture‘iII e} if Genesis buys the bags fer $12.?d, what prise shduld Genesis sell the bags far if they want a 35% mark up [as a percentage at their selling price}?

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