Draft ofoutline + presentation + partner Emails Ascientific6bus

Please go through the chapter Try to improve the out line it is all a bout our ability to make the class participate and discuss the subject Also the third part of the presentation will be discussing the classmate comment and question they put on 4 Articles me and partner George post them Earlier . Please review the out line add the activity and new ideas and YouTube links but any thing you add do it in red color so when you post it back to me i will know that the red is mine in the out line , you can say Sharif or George will present as my partner do in the end of each outline idea o add Ideas and impoundment to the out line find YouTube links related to the presentation , some activity we use through the presentation like multiple choice question to ask the classmates after they answer we provide , presentation is 4 hours so it needs activity YouTube with explanation why we picked it question and the Articles Keynote

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