Development of a training program to address management’s deficiencies?

Assignment 3: Discussion—Management Development

Not all managers perform at the same level, and as a result, no two training solutions will be alike. Management development is a critical component of any organization as it helps develop organizational bench strength and future leaders. Training professionals help develop the gap between current performance and future needs of management.

In this assignment, you will discuss various options available to you in the development of a management development program.


Using the course readings and the Internet, respond to the following questions in about 300 words:

How would you approach the development of a training program to address management’s deficiencies? For the purpose of this assignment, let us assume that the manager is struggling with how to handle a conflict between subordinates or employees. What information will you require to address the problem? ____________________________________________________________________________________

1ST respond i have to write about

As suggested by Noe (2017), I would approach the development of a training program to address management deficiencies by first assessing and gathering information on the manager’s personality and specific skills. I would also interview the specific manager as well as the manager’s supervisors and subordinates. After assessing the situation I would determine whether these deficiencies are changeable or not.

Assuming these behaviors are changeable, I would focus on his issues of communication by having them meet with a specific psychologist or coach. I would have them evaluate the manager and then, together, come up with an action plan to fix these issues. I would share this action plan and what is expected with the manager and have them meet as needed to fix these issues. After a little time I would meet with them again to see if this plan was successful and if there has been improvement.

There are a few pieces of information I would need to address this problem. I would need to know what the issue at hand is and if it is with all employees or a certain department. I would receive this information by having the interviews I spoke about at the beginning of this paper. I would also need to know the different programs we have in place and what coaches we have access to. Meeting with the coach, I would like to know what best plan of action there would be for this specific manager. I would also need to check in with the manager and subordinates to see how well this action plan is working and what changes need to be made.

__________________________________________ 2nd

In the beginning of my career my employer Fulton County Government seemed to take a more active approach to training and development. We had training that addressed everything from conflict resolution, software applications, safety and even time management. All the training offered was purposed to enhance performance in our roles within the organization. We even were offered courses for supervision and leadership for those currently in these types of roles or aspired to do so.

I can even look back and see that we had an informal type of mentorship programs. This process usually consisted of a mentor observing special skills and talents in a mentee that they wanted to develop. This was common for many of those in leadership that had someone they believed would be a great successor for them and his or her role. Again this was somewhat of a type of succession plan for the organization.

I have seen this plummet in training goals and deficiencies with management. Management has really lost sight as to what is important in training employees and how this development can be better for the organization as a whole. Conflict resolution can be an extreme challenge for managers who or not skilled at managing their teams. Since managers are mismanaging the people the organization seems to be stagnant or digressing in growth.

What is most critical issue with the training and development is that it does not seem that management is even aware of their deficiencies. Management often critiques employees on what needs to improve but they never seem to see the ways that management and leadership needs to improve. In order for management to resolved issues within the department with workforce, they must first address issues they have with mismanagement.

To address this issue to me it would be important to survey the employees, with specific questions that seek each of their perspectives. Then managers should use the results of the survey to be the subject of a retreat. Hiring an outside Consultant Firm that specializes in Conflict Resolution and Mediation would be a step in the right direction.

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