Information systems

You are tasked with the responsibility of communicating an As-Is (baseline) architecture to the leaders of an organization. In this particular case the architecture was captured and presented as a PDF document that includes high level information as well as some ArchiMate diagrams.The problem for the stakeholders is that the PDF document is very technical and hard to understand. Fortunately, the ArchiMate standard includes a viewpoint framework targeted at communicating the architecture to different stakeholders.

You are required to produce a executive report on the meaning of the As-Is architecture as captured for the case study presented (see appendix A). The report will serve to communicate the As-Is architecture to a specific group of stakeholders. The stakeholders are as follows:1. Strategic leadership (i.e the board of directors)2. CIO3. Application architects4. Systems architects

In order to produce the report, you must do the following:a) Capture the AS-IS architecture (based on the existing models) as completely as possible in the ArchiTool (used in your previous assignment)b) Understand the communication needs of every stakeholder in terms of the level of detailc) Decide on appropriate ArhiMate viewpoint for each stakeholderd) Write the reportPrepare the report that will be used to communicate the As-Is architecture (use the viewpoints that you created in the previous task) to the relevant stakeholders in terms of:a) Background informationb) Overview of the stakeholders and their concernsc) The purpose of each viewpoint (i.e. Designing, Deciding and/or Informing)d) The contents of each viewpoint (in terms of abstraction levels namely, Details, Coherence and Overview) – embed a diagram of the viewpoint in your reporte) Short narrative that explains the viewpoint

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