National Protection and Preparedness

Section 5: National Protection and Preparedness This week, you will provide a comprehensive summary of the specific elements of the National Southwest Border Counternarcotics (NSWBCN) Strategy, offering an executive overview of the 10 chapters. In your assignment, identify the relevant supporting ligaments of the policy that directly or indirectly support state-level protection and preparedness. Building on your case study scenario, craft a 2-page memorandum to the governors of the border states that you have determined to have homeland security equities on the Southwest border (SWB). Be sure to include the following: Page 1: You should outline the specific chapters of the NSWBCN Strategy. Page 2: You should explain how their contents and supporting language might support their state-level objectives and serve as potential justification for requesting federal grants or congressional appropriations. Include useful bibliographic references. Section 6: National Response and Resilience This week, you will draw from your case study to explain the nexus of the SWB and the associated risks and vulnerabilities to a critical infrastructure and key resources (CIKR) protection plan. Identify what policies and procedures should be in place within the interagency to ensure the appropriate response and resilience given the multithreat environment that exists at the SWB. Drawing from the case study and relevant themes in the NSWBCN Strategy, draft a 2-page policy proposal that includes the following: Page 1: Explain how SWB-related critical infrastructure protection (CIP), response, and resilience imperatives should be fully integrated into future versions of Department of Homeland Security (DHS) strategies and policies. Page 2: Make general recommendations that would be appropriate for DHS planners to consider when updating these documents. Include useful bibliographic references. Review the Key Assignment description in the Week 1 Individual Project.

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