Two Document attached: The case and the Instruction. WORKING CROSS CULTURALLY: FORGET “BUSINESS AS USUSAL”

4.1 Read the case carefully, numerous times. 4.2 Prepare the case analysis and the assignment paper. 4.3 Analyse the case by answering the following questions: 1. 4.5.1 What challenges did Tannis face in this situation? 2. 4.5.2 What did Tannis do well, and where did she fall short in the initial stages of the case, before the first evening? 3. 4.5.3 What kind of influence did Blankenship have and exert? 4. 4.5.4 Was Vujevic an impartial colleague or a manipulator? Explain. 5. 4.5.5 How did Tannis’ choices, related to Vaujevic’s recommendations, affect the outcome of the first evening? 6. 4.5.6 Explain how Tannis handled the situation with Goldstein? What key lesson did Tannis learn from the situation? 7. 4.5.7 Were there any other options that Tannis could have considered or developed in dealing with the situation? Explain. 4.4 Use at least 2 peer-reviewed, journal articles to support the answers to the questions. Provide substantive citations, written in your own words. 4.5 Write a case analysis, with the maximum length of 1200 words, or 5-6 pages of an essay, not including the title page and list of references. 4.6 Follow APA for format, citations, and references.

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