Briefly Describe the country and its social, historic, economic, geographic, religious, cultural characteristics.

Presentation with 10-15 Slides: Provide a transcript that students/the instructor may follow through each slide (2-3 paragraphs per slide). Place all citations of materials on a References slide, not included in the 10-15 slide requirement. A minimum of 3 models, graphs, maps, images, etc. that aid in understanding of the content are required. The presentation should be visually appealing as well as informative. Information on the slides themselves should be in short, bulleted lists with at least 28 pt. font. The transcript should be a transcription of what you would actually say in an oral presentation in front of the class.

I. Country Description: Briefly Describe the country and its social, historic, economic, geographic, religious, cultural characteristics.

II. Media System Description: Describe the media system present in the country. Feel free to add historical details. What types of media to audiences in your country have access to? What channels/media organizations offer coverage in your country?

III. Media System Comparisons: Situate the media or mass communication system present within the country in the greater context of world systems by comparing and contrasting the system with other countries in its region or countries for which your country offers a relevant comparison (i.e. cultural aspects, language, etc.). Must compare with at least TWO (2) other countries’ systems.

IV. Three Course Concepts: Choose at least three (3) concepts from lecture/reading/course materials that we’ve covered this semester and apply it to the media system in your chosen country. Provide examples where possible.

V. Digital Communication: What is the status of digital communication in your country? Is the Internet available and if so, how are members of your country using the Internet? If it is not available or widely available, explain why. Statistics and data reporting are helpful in achieving the intent of this section.

VI. Future Communication: Provide your analysis for the future of communication systems in your country. You are now the expert on your country’s media system, so draw from the current situation and from what you know through the course materials to make concrete predictions for the future.

For all of the above referenced sections, it will be helpful to provide statistical information, especially when comparing media systems, that allow the reader to situate your country within the greater global media environment. Be specific with the information provided and AVOID making general, sweeping statements about the media system, especially if you are not providing a source for that information. The aforementioned statistics should help with that effort. An APA-style reference list should be provided at the end of the presentation and will not count toward the slide number requirement.

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