What were the causes of the Civil War?

This should be two pages long, single space. Standard margins. Font size 12. Please do not plagiarize from anywhere and make sure it is proper grammar.

The questions are: 1) What were the causes of the Civil War? Name these causes and analyze them.

2) Some historians regard the Reconstruction Period as a success, others as a failure. Do you agree or disagree? Explain your viewpoint. It is certain that some positive changes occurred and they benefitted the Black people after the Civil War. What were these positive changes? Name them, describe them and analyze them.

3) Compare and contrast the views of Booker T. Washington with those of W.E.B Dubois on Education; and on the Civil and Legal Rights of Black People. Name and explain their doctrine on how to educate African Americans.

4) Give your opinion of Marcus Garvey and explain how he became an important figure in the history of African American in the United States. Please mention his movement, it’s mission, was Garvey successful, if not, what were the causes of his failure?

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