Case Analysis

Read Keith v. County of Oakland, 2013 U.S. APP. LEXIS 595 (6th Cir) on page 350 in your textbook. Post your answers to questions 1 through 5 found at the end of the case. Do you agree with this decision? Support your answer with additional cases or research, if you wish. Questions at the end of case are: 1. What are the legal issues in this case? What did the appeals court decide? 2. Does it appear that the type of “individualized inquiry” required by the ADA occurred in this case? Why or why not? 3. Was the plaintiff “otherwise qualified” for this lifeguard position? Why or why not? 4. What accommodations was the plaintiff requesting? Are they reasonable? Why or why not? Would they likely impose an undue hardship? Why or why not? 5. What did the county do well in this case? What things should it have done differently? These are the questions at the end of this case. I will need references, include citations please.

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