Importance of guiding children

It is always so important that we encourage children. We can do this by positivity guiding children. They need to know that they are great and that they can do great things. A thing that I feel that I would target would be that the child is interrupting the class and wanting to wave and point at other children. We need to let the child know that it is not ok to interrupting. There are a things that we can do. First off, off I would want to make sure that the students knows that it is not ok that they are interrupting the classroom. We will also want to make sure that we look at the child’s background and environment. We need to make sure that we have a great line of communication with the parents. So that we will be able to communicate any concerns that we may have. We can start a tally for how many times that they interrupt the class. We will set a goal of only interrupting the class 3 times and then we will continue to go down. if the child can make it each week following the rules then they will get to pick out a prize out of price box . children really get a kick out of this. Throughout the whole process we will be taking notes so that we can document how things are going and any things we may need to change. I feel that this should really help the child.

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