Holocaust and America’s position on immigration during the World War II period

Write essays on one (1) of the following subjects (10 points) Write a two-page, double-spaced paper reflecting on the Holocaust and America’s position on immigration during the World War II period. Could we have saved some of the 6 million Jews who were killed? How many? After reviewing the Website, “The Decision to Drop the Bomb,” choose one of the four roles and write a two-page, double-spaced paper stating your case concerning utilization of the Atomic Bomb. Write a two-page, double spaced paper reflecting on what it would have been like to have been a British Fighter Pilot during the Battle of Britain. Write a two page, double-spaced paper discussing the Soviet threat to the United States and other democratic nations as laid out in George Keenan’s memo. Return to the “What Did You Do in the War, Grandma?” website & write a 2 page essay comparing the Dr. Strom’s observations with your text (27.3.2) After review of the Website, Authentic History 1950s,”Duck and Cover, Survival Under Atomic Attack, and your text (McCarthyism 28.3.2) and write a 2 page “5 paragraph essay” comparing the 1950s and today. Specifically, compare the right to dissent and fear of communism, atomic attack, and Islamic fundamentalism. Some things to consider are the following: warrantless wiretaps and other changes following 9-11. Your essay should include reaction to Ed Murrow’s thoughts in his radio broadcast of 1945  (10 points) Watch the following:

(Review and answer in paragraph form answers to the “Essential Questions sheet for Till and Central H.S. video”. Complete the Central Essential Question form listed below.  Also Write a one page press release describing Governor Faubus’s reasons for defying a federal court order in Little Rock Central high school. Also write a 5 paragraph essay describing the experiences/feelings/emotions of the “Little Rock Nine” during 1957  at  Central High School. (note: use video/audio files, esp. Patillo Beals, Hazel Bryan  and Daisey Bates) Complete the photo analysis worksheet using the LR Nine photo below  (20 points) listed below are additional resources to complete the assignment. (For the rest of the story about the photo of students outside Central H.S. in 1957 see below  how Hazel Bryan became friends with Elizabeth Eckford) Biographies of each member of LR9

C/hoose one of the following: 10 points Complete the cause/effect  graphic organizer (see additional files below) that describes the effects that the war had on America. Your chart should include effects on the economy (e.g. product availability, prices, jobs), women, blacks, marriage, Hispanics, native Americans, Japanese Americans (note each topic area should have 3 effects listed) Using power point or openoffice.org (zoho.com) create a slide show of important changes that occurred during WW II. Slide show should contain at least 20 slides Write an editorial defending or attacking post WW II American obsession with the threat of Communism and its dupes, “fellow traveler,” and “traitors.”

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