Conflict management strategies of managers as perceived by the employees in the workplace

INDIVIDUAL ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY The paper should be between 1,900 – 2,000 words (Do not exceed word limit).  The paper must include a title page, introduction, multiple supporting body paragraphs and a conclusion and a reference page.  Students must use a minimum of 10 references. All references must come from peer-reviewed academic journals (FDU University Library); additional references may be from trade and practitioner publications or online search engines.  Students must use APA format when citing literature.  Students are encouraged to use Safe-Assign to avoid plagiarism. If a student is found to have demonstrated plagiarism in the assignment, he/she will receive an automatic fail on that assignment.  Students must ensure the paper has no spelling errors, is grammatically sound, and that argument is supported by research and literature.  Do not exceed the word-limit TITLE OF THE PAPER: CONFLICT MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES OF MANAGERS AS PERCEIVED BY EMPLOYEES IN THE WORKPLACE • Introduction • Concept of workplace conflict • Causes of workplace conflict • Effect of workplace conflict in the organization • What types of workplace conflict exist (discuss a minimum of three types)? Give an example of the types of the tool(s), methods, and practical applications that can be used to resolve conflict in the work’s place. • What methods and tools can be used for preventing and resolving workplace conflict? • What steps can be taken to avoid conflict early in the discussion to diffuse anger, and facilitate conflict? When should mediation be used (third-party intervention)? • Conclusion • List of references Take Note: The bolded write-ups that are from 5 to 7 should have more details than the ones that are not bolded. Also, construct the bullet points as a subtopic in your writing. Bere in mind that this is an argumentative essay.

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