Evaluating Sources (Fighting Urban Poverty)

Activity: 1. Critically evaluate the 5 resources that you found from information literacy research activity #3. You can start by reviewing the Iowa State reading. Ask yourself the questions listed in the reading and determine which of your sources will be the best for your final paper for this course. 2. As you are reviewing your sources, write down evidence, direct quotes and/or ideas that you will use to support your thesis statement in your final paper. Be sure to track which source you got each quote/idea from so that you can properly give credit to these authors using American Psychological Association (APA) citations later. 3. Narrow down your 5 sources to the best 4. You will use and cite these 4 sources in your final research paper. (If through the evaluation process you discover that you want to eliminate more than one of your sources, go back to information literacy research activity #3 and follow the steps to search for additional resources. As you are searching, keep these evaluation criteria in mind. You will need at least four sources for your final research paper.)

Assignment: Respond to the following two questions in a Word document and submit to the assignment drop box for a grade: • Which questions from the reading were the most helpful in evaluating your sources? • Why did you eliminate the source(s) that you did? Did you have to go back and find more sources or are you satisfied with your four final sources for your paper?

Want more resources for evaluating your sources? Check out the Evaluating Information section of the Library’s website for additional tutorials.

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