Human Resources Motivation and Job Satisfaction

TOPIC OF INTEREST IS Human Resources Motivation and Job Satisfaction!!! For this assignment, you will identify a topic of interest to your professional practice. Select a problem or issue in your workplace or future field which you have some interest in solving or improving. For example, perhaps you are an elementary teacher with an interest in improving student engagement.

Then, search the library databases for educational research articles. Find two research reports that address your topic and problem. The research reports must be from the last five years, and must be peer-reviewed, original research articles from a journal. Review the assignment template, located in the Resources; it will provide more detailed information that will help you organize this assignment. Make sure to review the scoring guide to see how you will be graded on this assignment.


THE INFLUENCE OF MANAGEMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES ON MOTIVATION AND JOB SATISFACTION Jovanovic, Goca D; Bozilovic, Slavko. Ekonomika; Nis Vol. 63, Iss. 1, (Jan-Mar 2017): 97-110.

Submission Requirements

Format: Use APA style and formatting, include a title page and reference page. Font: Times New Roman, 12 point. Length: 2–4 double-spaced pages, excluding title and reference pages. References: Two peer-reviewed journal articles.

TEMPLATE TO USE BELOW: [In developing this assignment, you should follow APA form and style protocols. Your assignment should be between 500 – 1000 words. Fill in your name below. Erase these instructions and any instructions in brackets below before submitting your assignment.] Examining Research-Based Solutions First and Last Name Capella University

Examining Research-Based Solutions [Under this title, offer a brief introduction to the topic of your paper and present a thesis or purpose statement for your assignment at the end of your introduction. Please note the title of our paper should not be in bold. See the examples on page 42 and 54 of the APA manual. Also, note the following comment from the APA manual. “The introduction to a manuscript does not carry a heading that labels it as the introduction. (The first part of a manuscript is assumed to be the introduction)” (p. 63). You can see an illustration of an introduction to a paper being presented without a heading in the sample paper on page 42 of the manual.] Describe a Problem in Your Field of Professional Practice [Choose a problem within your field of professional practice and describe it in a concise and meaningful manner. Before selecting your topic, be sure to review the next section so that you are certain you can find the required research reports. A limited list of potential problems you could select from could include: a lack of parental involvement in a school program, teachers lacking adequate professional development to deal with inclusion classrooms, how to build a vigorous and supportive community among online learners, the achievement gap between a particular minority group and nonminority students, the high burnout rate of teachers, the challenges of effective classroom management, and so on. There is nearly an unlimited list to choose from; however, no child left behind and high-stakes testing are two topics that are too broad and complicated for the purposes of this assignment. It would be best to avoid them. When describing the problem, explain why it is a detriment to professional practice.] Analyzing Two Research Reports [Use the Capella Library and locate two research reports associated with the problem described in the previous section. These should be research reports, not editorials or other forms of articles that are taken from peer-reviewed journals. Develop the following sections of your assignment.] Analysis of Article One [Your analysis of the article should cover the following points: • A brief summary of the article. • A description of how the researchers researched the issue. • How many participants were involved in the research project? • How the researchers gathered their data. • The findings of the research project. • The strengths and limitations of the research project.] Analysis of Article Two [Follow the same guidance as offered in the section above.] Examining Transferability of Research Findings to Your Professional Practice [In this context, transferability refers to the extent to which the findings of a research project that has been conducted in a particular context can be reasonably applied in order to give insight and suggest solutions in a different context. Discuss the extent to which the research findings of the two articles you analyzed offer insight into and solutions for the problem in professional practice you described at the beginning of this assignment. Be sure to address the following issues: • Assess similarities and differences between the participants described in the research reports and the participants in your place of professional practice. • Assess and differences between the research sites and your place of professional practice. • Assess whether or not the participants and researchers have the knowledge, experience, or expertise necessary to inform your professional practice. • Discuss whether or not the research findings offer insight into developing meaningful and creative solutions to the problem in your professional practice.] Conclusion [Briefly describe the key principles to apply when you are using research results to improve your professional practice. Be sure to complete the reference section on the next page.]

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