“Ideology and the Social Construction of Meaning.”

Reaction Paper 6 Instructions

Professor Dennis Mumby is a critical scholar of organizational and business communication. What arguments in his article reveal the fact that he is a scholar who believes and uses the “critical paradigm”? What does Dr. Mumby say are the primary functions or purposes of communication; what does communication do? How does “ideology” shape meaning in our lives, according to Mumby?

In the second paragraph of your reaction paper, please identify at least one ideology that you, personally, believe. Even if you don’t agree with Mumby’s perspective, first please explain what the ideology is that shapes your life in an important way. Second, explain specifically how it creates or “constitutes” meaning in your life. You can use one example to illustrate this point. Third, explain how that ideology can be or sometimes is a form of “domination” in how you see and relate to the world.


Mumby, “Ideology and the Social Construction of Meaning.” DownloadPreview the documentView in a new window

General Reaction Paper Instructions Every week, we will post an opportunity for you to write a “reaction paper” that is connected to the assigned readings for that week. To fulfill this assignment, you must complete at least five reaction papers.

Each reaction paper must be single-spaced, 12pt. Times New Roman font with 1” margins on the tops and sides. Each paper must run a complete page and contain two paragraphs. The first paragraph should summarize the major claims of the article(s) you read. The second paragraph must relate the content of the article to a real-world experience. Each paper is worth 3.75% of the total class grade. You should submit the reaction papers in paper at the beginning of the class period on which that paper is due.

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