Information Systems Analysis, Modeling, and Design

Information Systems Analysis, Modeling, and Design Lecture Notes Assigning resources in Project Created by Daniel Le Revised by Daniel Le 08/02/2016

Learning objectives 1. Learn to assign people to tasks 2. Use the Resource Sheet to track people in your project. 3. Learn to use Resource Usage and Resource Overview 4. Learn how to add vacation days 5. Adjust the project accordingly so that we make our deadline.

Overview This video “Assigning resources in Project” shows how to assign work resources (people) to tasks and then to track all of the people in your project. Again please watch the video and follow its instructions to complete required class exercises. You can start using knowledge learned in these videos so far to implement a portion of your individual project. Please post any questions in our conference to share your information with other classmates or to ask any question. If you have any question related to Microsoft Office Project 2013 or your Individual project, please send me an e-mail or you can post it in our conference.

To Do List • Open the “01.MSP.2013.mpp” project file and save it as “02.MSP.2013.mpp” • Follow step-by-step instructions in the video “Office 15-Minute Webinar: Assigning resources in Project” to modify and then save the project file “02.MSP.2013.mpp” • Submit the “02.MSP.2013.mpp” project file in the Microsoft Project folder for credit

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