600 Words ACME Development Corporation (ADC), a developer of custom homes and

600 Words
ACME Development Corporation (ADC), a developer of custom homes and apartment complexes, has decided to standardize its project management practices and processes across its national organization. The goal is to standardize with one single project-scheduling tool and to have the tool installed and be operational within 90 days. To this end, the company is forming a central project management office (PMO). Until now, project managers (there are 40 presently on staff distributed all over the United States) have been able to use whatever scheduling tool they liked, within their budget constraints. They have also been able to buy equipment and engage contractors at will. The PMO will be determining one scheduling tool that all PMs will be expected to use, exclusive of any other scheduling tools. The PMO will also develop and implement a standardized procurement process. Because the PMs are located across the United States, a Web-based solution seems likely to be the most successful tool.
As the project manager, you have been charged with implementing the procurement process, and you decide that your first project will be purchasing the scheduling tool for ACME Development Corporation.
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Use the library, Internet, and any other materials you have available to find and analyze 1 project that meets the following criteria:

A bidding process was used to select      a vendor or a group of vendors
The bidding process that was used      was an RFP, RFQ, or Invitation for Bid
The procurement process was      conducted at a government agency

Assignment Guidelines

Develop a project bid proposal, and      address the following questions: 

Was a make or buy analysis       conducted?
What was the bidding process       that was used? Be specific. 
In depth, explain the various       elements of the bidding process that was used.
Was the bidding process successful?       What worked, and what did not work?
What suggestions could you make to       improve the bidding process used for your particular case study?

Be sure to reference all sources using APA style. 

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