Part 1 – Chapter 15: Compare the renderings of the crucified Christ on the cov

Part 1 – Chapter 15: Compare the renderings of the crucified Christ on the cover of the Lindau Gospels (Figure 15-21) and the Gero Crucifix (Figure 15-24). Consider the differences in media and expressive effect, as well as in style and scale.
Part 2 – Chapter 16: Discuss what is meant by the term “Romanesque” and distinguish some of the key stylistic features associated with architecture in this style.
Part 3 –  Chapter 17: Gothic Art of the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries – How was St. Francis’s message of empathy conveyed in the frescos of the church of St. Francis of Assisi? Find a second artwork (fresco, sculpture, etc.) – not from the textbook – that decorates a cathedral and memorializes the message of a saint. Compare the representation of St. Francis’s message in this artwork to how your selection communicates a saint’s message. Describe the method and provide similarities and differences. Cite your source(s). 
Part 4 –  Chapter 18: Fourteenth-Century Art in Europe – Choose one small work of art in this chapter that is crafted from precious materials with exceptional technical skill. Explain how it was made and how it was used. How does the work of art relate to its cultural and social context? What impact or connection does this artwork present in relationship to our society today? 

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