Strategic Management Project Please make sure that you follow the instruction

Strategic Management Project
Please make sure that you follow the instructions in the assignment thoroughly. Read through the whole instructions that I sent to you. Absolutely no plagiarism.
The Strategic Management Project will consist of reviewing a specific industry (e.g., Automotive, Airline, Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, Healthcare, Cellphone/Smart Phone, PC/Computing, Discount Retailing, Hotel, Fast Food, Oil/Gas/Petrochemical) and a specific company within that industry. 
Airline Company and Southwest Airlines is what I would like my paper to be about.

The paper should be approximately 12 typed, double-spaced pages, excluding cover page, graphs, charts, bibliography (references), etc. 
The due date for the paper is no later than November 30th , 2017—no exceptions.
The following is a suggested outline for the industry analysis:
· A broad overview of the industry.
· The industry major competitors, market share of each competitor
· Major products
· Rivalry in the industry/Porter’s 5-Forces analysis
· Key ways which the firms within the industry compete
· Strategic issues the industry faces
The company analysis should include:
· An overview of the company
· The size of the firm (sales, assets, personnel, etc.)
· The firm’s distinctive competencies (major products, etc.)
· A brief SWOT analysis of the firm
o Strengths and Weaknesses
o Opportunities and Threats
· A Porter’s 5-Forces analysis
· The strategic issues facing the firm
Final Strategic Recommendations with supporting rationale

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