Dr. Maria Prikhodko WRD 103 (506/508), 103x (501) Prologue Guidelines Week 1: Ja

Prologue: Sense of Place
(3-4 pages; double spaced; a blog post format but with general APA conventions)
Purpose: Sense of place speaks to our connections with places, expressed through various dimensions: emotions, biographies, stories, and personal experiences (Basso, 1996). It also relates to how urban settings are understood as social constructions. 
In a narrative form, you are invited to explore and visualize a place in a way that conveys the meaning that the place holds for you. The purpose is to write more evocative descriptions. Don’t set the bar too high, trying to describe a special space. The emotions that special places arouse can be difficult to distill on the page. Instead, select a location from your daily life—your kitchen, a favorite cafe, a yoga studio or gym, the local library or cinema, a favorite walk or lookout, a place you try to avoid. 
Figure 1. Ecology of Place. Retrieved from HYPERLINK “http://www.placeness.com/the-ecology-of-place/” http://www.placeness.com/the-ecology-of-place/
Procedures: There are no special procedures for this assignment. The most helpful is Ecology of Place (Figure 1) is to structure your narrative. You may pick two components from the map. 
Audience: You may choose to target your writing to WordPress audience. You are free to use pictures, videos and drawings in the writing. You also have to think of an WordPress format (blog style) but with minimal APA conventions (proofreading, titles, subtitles, etc.). Please consult HYPERLINK “https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/” Purdue OWL Writing Lab for further details.

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