I need at least a 150-word comment for my class mate’s discussion Vroom-Yetto

I need at least a 150-word comment for my class mate’s discussion
Vroom-Yetton Decision-Making Model Sources
                    Whitney posted 
Class and Professor,
The first video that I found was a crash course for the Vroom-Yetton model. It tells of the five decision-making styles which are Autocratic (A1), Autocratic (A2), Consultative (C1), Consultative (C2), and Group (G).  Each one is a meant to go for a certain situation on making the best decision.  The video tells about how many managers want to involve their employees and others to help with the decision. There are times though the manager should make the decision without involving so many individuals. This video explains each of the decision-making styles. The video also tells about their podcast or other videos to learn more information. This seemed like a credible court I wish it was a little longer to give a little more information. It explained each style pretty well, but quickly. Autocratic (A1) is where the leader is the information available to them at that time to help make the decision. Autocratic (A2) is where the leader gets specific information from people to help make the decision. Consultative(C1) is where the leader meets with people one on one to gather information to help make the decision. Consultative (C2) is where the leader meets with a group to gather feedback and input to help with determining the best decision for the company. Group (G) is the last of the five styles which is where the group gets a consensus for the decision. This video did have some of the same information for the background reading. “In AI the manager solves to the problem by himself using whatever information is available to him at that time; in AII he obtains any necessary information of a specific nature from his subordinates before making the decision himself.” (Vroom,1976) It helped me understand the model because it was quick and to the point. The video was a crash course to help you understand the styles.
The second video that I found tells about the vroom-yetton decision-making model. “The Vroom-Yetton Decision Making Model is a tool, validated by research, that helps leaders determine how much they should involve others in their decision-making process.”  The source seems credible. The video breaks down each style of the decision making. The video goes in-depth on each style to help you understand what each one is for the decision. This video was a lot like the first video that I found, but it was a longer video that went more in-depth on the decision-making. The video goes into the factors of determining the involvement of others. Each situation needs a certain type of style it just all depends on the situation. This video also goes with the reading as well. “GII corresponds with Norman Maier’s concept of group decision in which the manager’s role is that of the chairperson of a group meeting aimed at reaching consensus on the action to be taken.” (Vroom, 1976) If you read the descriptions on the video it basically says the same information as the reading. The video did help me understand the model. It explained the model in depth which helped me to see each style and how it can go with depending on the situation.  The video gives you other sites that can help give you more information to help understand what style with go with each decision or situation. I felt that both videos gave a lot of great information that went right with the information in the readings for this class.
Video 1

Video 2

Vroom, V. (1976). Can leaders learn to lead? Organizational Dynamics

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