This paper must be written in your own words without copying or Plagiarism a sy

This paper must be written in your own words without copying or
Plagiarism a system called “Turnitin” will be used.
After years of hard work, you are finally graduating from
college. You are very excited and eager to start a new career in
your field of study. Prior to starting your job search, you need to
develop a job search plan. Write a research paper of 5–7 body pages
using APA style to outline a job search plan that thoroughly
addresses the following items:
Develop a professional career goals statement that is suitable
for use on your resume. Explain the rationale underlying
development of this statement, and describe how you expect it will
be perceived by prospective employers.
Prepare an in-depth analysis of how your skills, experiences,
and education match the type of jobs for which you will be
Identify at least 3 jobs for which you will be applying, and
discuss what you will need to apply for these jobs. For instance,
will the employers require each perspective applicant to fill out a
job application prior to the interview, or do they only need to
submit a resume and cover letter?
Research and analyze 3 different companies where you are
planning to apply for the types of jobs listed above. Discuss your
findings, and assess how your skills, experience, and education
would allow you to contribute to the attainment of each company’s
Research and discuss best practices for resume and cover letter
writing, and explain how you will incorporate these into your job
search strategy.
Integrate research leveraging at least 4 different scholarly
sources (e.g., research journals)

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