Voting Mini-projects are designed to critically stretch your thinking, let you

Mini-projects are designed to critically stretch your thinking, let you explore the concept, or make you look at a specific situation or related problem.  By nature, they are more difficult than the regular exercises.
Design a situation that involves using a preference ballot. When designing the choices for your ballot, try to create a situation in which you are not sure of the outcome.
An example ballot
I am going to bake pies for the class. Since I will only have time to bake one flavor we will vote for our favorites… Choices are: Apple, Cherry, Chocolate Cream, and Pumpkin. List your preferences from 1 – 4, with 1 being your favorite and 4 your least. TRY to choose a situation where you are unsure of the outcome.
Distribute the ballot to 25 of your friends and family and gather the information in a preference schedule. Be sure to use complete sentences and show all calculations.
Explain the situation you created and show the preference schedule for your ballots.  Then answer the following questions.

Is there a majority winner? If so, who is it? What was the vote?
Who wins with the plurality method? Give count totals.
Who wins with the Borda count method? Give count totals.
Who wins using the Plurality with Elimination method? Give count totals.  Show the revised schedules.
Who wins using pairwise comparison?  Give count totals.
The Coombs method is a variation of the Plurality with Elimination method. In Coombs method the choice with the most last place votes is eliminated until there is a majority winner.  Show the steps and find the Coombs winner.  Show totals.
ONLY If you got the same winner for all methods above, eliminate the winning choice from your preference schedule and recalculate the plurality winner and Borda count winners.  Give totals.
Include a paragraph explaining what you learned about voting you did not know prior to this class.

Submit using an attachment by the due date listed on the class schedule. Type projects as much as possible.

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