Bronfrenbrenner EssayInstructions:For this assignment 1, you will need to open t

Bronfrenbrenner EssayInstructions:For this assignment 1, you will need to open the attachment of handout 1-9. You will need handout 1-9 in order to complete assignment 1. This assignment is focused on the developmental model of Urie Bronfrenbrenner and the outline should be incorporated in your essay. You may use headings as indicated in this handout. Please adhere to a submission of 2-3 pages, 1.5 line spacing and 12 point font per American Psychological Association (APA formatTHE COURSE IS HUMAN GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENTTHE BOOK TITLE IS DISCOVERING THE LIFE SPAN THIRD EDITIONPlease view this video on Urie Bronfrenbrenner, as it will help you understand his approach to development. You may need to paste this link into a browser. 1-9JOURNAL EXERCISE #1Think of yourself as a particular time in your childhood (e.g., age 10). Using the model from Urie Bronfenbrenner, reflect in your journal about the following;MicrosystemDescribe;Your family.Your school and teacher.Your peer group.The media- favorite TV shows, books, movies.Your surrounding community.MesosystemDescribeHow your parents interacted with your peersHow your parents interacted with your schoolWhether your parents helped with schoolworkHow your community supported your school or activities (e.g, sports).ExosystemDescribeYour parents’ jobVacations you lookWhether there was a divorce in your familyMacrosystemDescribeYour ethnic heritageYour religious affiliationsWhether you lived in an urban (city) or rural (country) settingYour social class (poor, working – class, middle-class, wealthy).What was going on in the world at the time (e.g., Vietnam War, who was president, etc.?)ChronosystemDescribeHow a historical event (such as terrorists attacks of September of 2001) or more gradual historical changes (the change in the number of women who work outside of the home).?use the video and the handout

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