By the due date, post your topic choice and thesis statement to the Submissions

By the due date, post your topic choice and thesis statement to the Submissions Area on the next page. Be sure to check the Submissions Area to read feedback from your instructor. This assignment is ungraded.
Research Project
Up to this point in the course, you have completed assignments that may have left little time or need for individual exploration of topics that interest you. With your research project, you have the chance to follow up on a topic, explore it with research, and present it as an essay. Select any topic relevant to the timeframe of this course that is of interest to you to research and write about. It can be anything within the scope of the course that you wish there had been more time or need to explore.
In Week 6, you will complete your research project, in which you select a topic that pertains to the historic period covered in this course to write about. 

Start thinking about the topic and submit your topic choice and thesis statement to your instructor by the due date. You’ll work on the research project during Week 4 and submit the research project in W6 Assignment 1. 
Thesis Statement            
A thesis statement is a one-sentence statement of your paper’s argument. It is placed as the very last sentence in the introductory paragraph of the paper. Your thesis statement should do more than just introduce the topic of your paper, it should give the argument that your paper will “prove.”  

Read more about thesis statements
Utilize a thesis statement generator

Here are a few examples of topics that have been covered in the past by students of this course:

The development of the Cold War
Development, use, and ethics of nuclear weapons
Causes and effects of Islamic extremism
Revolution in France, America, and Latin America

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