Q1. Carry out the rudimentary design of a small modular nuclear reactor that has

Q1. Carry out the rudimentary design of a small modular nuclear reactor that has a net power output of 100MW. The reactor is based on a Rankine cycle where steam is expanded in a turbine from 12.5 MPa and 350 celsius to 5.0 kPa. Assume that the generator is 98% efficient, the actual cycle echieves 90% of the efficiency of the ideal cycle, and that 90% of the thermal energy released in the nuclear reactions is transferred to the working fluid.(a) If the reactor uses enriched uranium fuel rods that contain 3 wt% U-235, at what rate(kg/yr) are fuel rods consumed? The energy content of a fuel rod is 69.8 TJ per kg U-235. Assume the plant operates at its full rated output all year (i.e., 100% capacity factor).(b) What equivalent rate (kg/yr) of coal combustion would be required to achieve the same power output, for the same plant operating conditions and efficiencies as described above, if the coal fed to the plant’s boiler has a fuel heating value of 33,400 kJ/kg coal?———————–Q2. For the fast-breeder reactor nuclear fission reaction 94Pu239 + 0n1 —> 56Ba142 + AXM + 2 0n1 (see the attached file)(a) Identify the fission product X and its mass number M.(b) Calculate the change in energy (MeV) for this reaction, and state whether the reaction is exothermic or endothermic.(Additonal information: atomic masses (amu) of selected isotopes… see the attached file.)——————-Q3. Using the representative power plant heat rates, capital costs, fuel costs, and operation and maintenance costs given in the table below; a ixed charge rate (FCR) of 0.167/yr; and a fuel levelization factor of 1.5, compute the cost of electricity (cent/kWh) for the following power plants;a. A pulverized coal steam power plant with capacity factor CF = 0.70.b. A natural gas combustion turbine with CF = 0.20.c. A natural gas-fired combined cycle plant with CF = 0.50.d. A nuclear power plant with CF = 0.85.e. A wind turbine with CF = 0.40.Technology Fuel Capital Cost Heat Rate Fuel Cost Variable O&M ($/kW) (Btu/kWh) ($/10^6 Btu) (cent/kWh)Steam turbine Coal 2300 8,750 2.50 0.40Gas turbine Natural gas 990 9,300 6.00 0.40Combined cycle Natural gas 1300 6,900 6.00 0.40Nuclear plant Uranium 4500 10,500 0.60 0.40Wind turbine N/A 1600 N/A N/A 0.60————————-Q4. Consider the screening curves for gas turbines and coal-fired steam power plants given below, along with a load duration curve for a hypothetical utility.(See the graphs in the attached file.)(a) For a least-cost combination of power plants, how many megawatts of each kind of power plant should the utility have?(b) Calculate the average capacity factor for each type of power plant.(c) Determine the cost of electricity (cent/kWh) for each type of power plant.

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