What are the differences you see between a culture of accountability?

What are the differences you see between a culture of accountability,  where people are held accountable for the mistakes they make, and the  Just Culture approach, where mistakes are not punished, but seen as  methods of learning? What are the pros and cons of each? 

Please use lecture notes and any references you may want to use. 250 words w/references

Discuss the fear of the explorers in the travel narratives of our period .

MIDTERM  – SPRING 2018 JODI JOHNSON ENGL 205: EARLY AMERICAN LITERATURE DEADLINE: 27th March 2018 * Instructions: PICK TWO (2) questions from the 20 below and answer them.  One of the questions should be 5 pages or more in length, and the second should be 2.5 pages long or longer.  I have reduced the number of answers you had to answer from 3 to 2 to give you some time to do a little outside reading. I require that at least one secondary article be used overall (some of the questions give some guidance on which sources to use).     Present your paper in MLA format, with correct citations (we’ll cover this on the 20th March in class).   You will print me out a copy and also upload a copy to our Moodle page (a link will appear close to the deadline).   
Midterm Questions: 1) What was the importance of technology in colonial attempts to not only reach the Americans, but to subjugate its inhabitants?  In what ways and with what tones is this technology presented?  Does it ever intimate Native American “ignorance”?   
You may want to look at Columbus’ letters and John Smith’s narrative.   
2) Discuss the fear of the explorers in the travel narratives of our period.  What does their fear tell us about their attitude to the New World? 
3) Discuss John Smith’s justification of exploration and toil in his “A Description of New England”? What does this tell us, if anything, about English views of exploration?  (Recommended as short question) – 122-125.   
4) On page 131 of the Norton Anthology of American Literature, the introduction to William Bradford states that “the sense of unified purpose in the opening pages of Bradford’s chronicle splinters as his account proceeds”.  How?  What happens, and why is it important to the Pilgrims’ idealized Christian society?  After all, as it also states in the introduction, “The primitivist impulse animating Bradford and his companions made the success or failure of the Plymouth colony more than a worldly venture – it was a measure of their ability to interpret God’ will as they found it in Scripture and the remake the world in its image” (131)  

 5) Are there differing accounts of the First Thanksgiving?  What’s important about that? 
6) Discuss any single aspect or multiple aspects of Ann Bradstreet’s “To the Memory of My Dear and Ever Honored Father Thomas Dudley Esq. Who Deceased, July 31, 1653, and of His Age 77”.  Ideas: Convention of the Elegy; Women’s Writing in the Early Americas; Poetic Form; Poetic Technique.   
7) Compare and contrast Benjamin Franklin and J. Hector St. John De Crèvecœur’s discussions of America and the notion of being a resident of North America. 
The texts to pay attention to are Franklin’s “Information to Those Who Would Remove to America” (456-462) and  J. Hector St. John De Crèvecœur’s “From Letter III: ‘What Is an American?’”: 634-645 
8) How is race presented during our period?  You may want to look at Samuel Sewall, John Marrant, and/or Solomon Northup.   
9) Discuss the concept of perfection in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “The Birth-Mark” 
10) Discuss the relationship between Science and Art in Hawthorne’s “The Birth-Mark”.   
You may want to look at the article, “Science and Art in Hawthorne’s ‘The Birth-Mark’” by Mary Rucker (you can find this on the library’s website).   
11) Discuss alchemy in Hawthorne’s “The Birth-Mark”.  You may want to take a look at the article, “A Crimson Stain upon the Snow”: Teaching Hawthorne’s “The Birth-Mark” as an Alchemical Text” by Sandra Hughes.  (You can find this on the library website). 
12) In what ways are Poe’s narrators unstable and/or irrational? 
13) Discuss the relationship between logic and horror in Poe. 
14) Poe often presents figures or landscapes filled with sickness and decay.  In what ways are these important to his work?   
15) What is Gothic writing, and how does any American writer from this period conform to, or differ from, Gothic convention?   
16) What are some differences between the Gothic writing of Washington Irving and Edgar Allan Poe? 
17) Explain the importance of the differences between Poe’s two similar stories, “The Tell-Tale Heart” and “The Cat”. 
18) Who is the narrator in Poe’s “Masque of the Red Death”?   
For this question, I would advise that you look at “Dead or Alive: The Booby-Trapped Narrator of Poe’s ‘Masque of the Red Death’” by David Dudley. 
19) Compare and contrast Poe’s “The Fall of the House of Usher” with any other text by Poe or by any other author.  You are free to use any haunted house novel from our period, or one outside of our period (for example, “The Shining”, or “The Haunting of Hill House”).   
20) What is it about Poe’s “The Raven” that has made it be so often referenced in other media?  Although you should absolutely not use it as a source, Wikipedia has a substantial list of references to “The Raven” in everything from The Simpsons to Altered Carbon.   

Criminal Law and Tort Law and discuss their importance to information security .

Need 300-350Words by tomorrow Morning 08:00AM EST. 
Review Criminal Law and Tort Law and discuss their importance to information security? 
 Cite your sources using current APA format. 
Refer to the Discussion Rubric for grading criteria. 
Please read these instructions for information on accessing the discussion rubric.

For your referene

Developing your Professional Development Plan.


Review the information on the Program of Study (POS) and Professional Development Plan (PDP) presented in this week’s Learning Resources. https://www.waldenu.edu/masters/msn-psychiatric-mental-health-nurse-practitioner

Review the Week 5 Assignment Rubric presented in this week’s Learning Resources.
Develop your Professional Development Plan (PDP) following the example presented in the Learning Resources and the assignment grading rubric criteria. Ensure that all content required is included in paper.

To complete:

Utilizing Microsoft Word, begin by formatting the paper in correct APA (i.e. title page, double space, Times New Roman size 12 font, headers, page numbers, headings).
To ensure that all content required is included in the paper, review Week 5 Professional Development Plan assignment rubric and the Professional Development Plan example.

Write your PDP using scholarly writing, correct grammar, and proper APA citations. Review the APA Basics Checklist: Citations, Reference List, and Style to make sure that your citations are correct. This document should represent your best professional effort.

Identify the various research methods and theories used to study human behavior .

In this assignment, you will gain a deeper understanding of research methods as they devise a study and test out a hypothesis they have regarding human development.

Select one area in lifespan development that you would like to study further.

Identify a hypothesis about this area of development.
Identify the various research methods and theories used to study human behavior, and choose one of these methods.

Write a 700-word research design for your study in which you would evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of your chosen methodology.
For example, you can study how social development throughout the lifespan is affected by children born with fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). You may hypothesize that children with FAS will have difficulties with peer relationships throughout their life. To study this, you may use a case study.
Set up this design, and discuss the various times throughout the lifespan you would study and also discuss how you might do this (structured interviews, observations, and so on)

Note: You do not have to actually complete the research; just develop the research based on a design and discuss how this design will aid in testing the hypothesis you developed. 

Format any citations in your research design according to APA guidelines.

Preferred Organizational Structure .

Discussion Forum Week 2 – Preferred Organizational Structure
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After completing the Preferred Organizational Structure scale you will be scored on your preferences for a Mechanistic vs. an Organic Structure.  You will also receive a score for each of the subcategories:  Tall Hierarcy, Formalization, and Centralization.

Do you believe that the structure of your current organization fits your preferences as outlined by the scale?
Is there a particular difference in your preference for one of the subcategories compared to the current reality of your organization?
If your preferences do not fit the current structure of your organization, do you believe that the structure will change?  Will you consider leaving if it does not?
If it is a fit, do you find yourself feeling more comfortable and more motivated in this organization that in previous organizations where perhaps there was not such a close fit?

Your response to this question should be posted by 11:00 pm central time Wednesday of Week 2.  Please respond to your fellow students by 11:00 pm central time Saturday of Week 2.
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