1. Construct box plots and dot‐scale diagrams for each of the variables in the d

1. Construct box plots and dot‐scale diagrams for each of the variables in the data set Ohio Education Performance. What conclusions can you draw from them? Are any possible outliers evident? 2. A producer of computer‐aided design software for the aerospace industry receives numerous calls for technical support. Tracking software is used to monitor response and resolution times. In addition, the company surveys customers who request support using the following scale: 0—Did not exceed expectations 1—Marginally met expectations 2—Met expectations 3—Exceeded expectations 4—Greatly exceeded expectations The questions are as follows: Q1. Did the support representative explain the process for resolving your problem? Q2. Did the support representative keep you informed about the status of progress in resolving your problem? Q3. Was the support representative courteous and professional? Q4. Was your problem resolved? Q5. Was your problem resolved in an acceptable amount of time? Q6. Overall, how did you find the service provided by our technical support department? A final question asks the customer to rate the overall quality of the product using this scale: 0—Very poor 1—Poor 2—Good 3—Very good 4—Excellent A sample of survey responses and associated resolution and response data are provided in the Excel file Customer Support Survey. Use descriptive statistics, box plots, and dot‐scale diagrams as you deem appropriate to convey the information in these sample data and write a report to the manager explaining your findings and conclusions.

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