FROM: Chapter on Statistical Inference Concerning Two Populations (Data set and

FROM: Chapter on Statistical Inference Concerning Two Populations (Data set and excel formula workbook for problem attached)The Speedo LZR Racer Suit is a high-end body-length swimsuit that was launched in February 2008. Wehn 17 world records fell at the December 2008 Short Course Championships in Croatia, many believed a modification in the rules surrounding swimsuits was necessary. The FINA Congress, the international governing board for swimming, banned the LZR Racer and all other body-length swimsuits from competition effective Jan 2010. In a statement to the public, FINA defended its position with the following statement: “FINA wishes to recall the main and core principle that swimming is a sport essentially based on the physical performance of the athlete”.Luke Johnson, a freelance journalist, wonders if the decision made by FIJNAhas statistical backing. He conducts an experiment with the local university’s Division I swim team. He times 10 of the swimmers swimming the 50 Meter breaststroke in his bathing suit and then retests them while wearing the LZR Racer. A portion of the results are shown int he accompanying table (see attached excel for dataset).1.) In a report (using the attached excel formulas) determine whether the LZR Racer significantly improves swimmers times at the 5% significance level. Assume that the time difference is normally distributed.2.) Comment on whether the data appear to support FINAs decision.

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