In two separately submitted drafts, with the second draft expected to be more co

In two separately submitted drafts, with the second draft expected to be more complete and better, your assignment is to do the following:
Submit a well-written literature review for the topic of your empirical research paper which includes a non-annotated bibliography of source. Use a conventional style for citations and use a appropriately. See sample literature reviews posted on the course blackboard site for ideas as to what is expected in terms of specificity and stylistic matters.

This assignment have two draft, you can help me to finish first draft of this, then I am going to submit, when the professor give the assignment back to me and i will sent that picture to you, then you have to fix the problem and sent back to me and i am going to submit it.

My topic is the Salary study and i am already have the  Annotated bibliographies, I want found one help me to finish every assignment of this research paper. 
I will offer a reward $270 of all of this. I swear just give all of those work for one person. If you have confidence to finish all of those assignment, you can change a topic which one you want, i am not really care.
1. Literature review on topic of students research project(this one)
2.Hand in hypotheses and specification of empirical model(tell me how to presentation as 5-10 minutes)
3.Hand in data used in project and sources of data 
4.Nobel laureate essay
5.written empirical research project.(with PPT to presentation)

Drag&Drop file to Upload
1. Annotated Bibliographies
2.Annotated Bibliographies(reference)
7. literature Review PPT professor post
3-6. Four literature Review example professor post

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